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15 Kids Birthday Party Themes & How To Make Them A Success

A child’s birthday is special not only for him/her, but also for the parents. For children, it is the day for which they wait all year; after all they get special treatment and a chance to have loads of fun with their family & friends and of course the GIFTS.

For the parents, the fact that it’s their child’s special day is enough to make them excited and thrilled!

Birthday excitement is not limited to the day either; it starts as soon as the birth month starts. However, for the parents, this excitement is coupled with planning and preparation stress, wanting to do something different and better every year, but they also worry what if something goes wrong.

This is to all parents out there; now you don’t need to keep stressing for weeks preceding your child’s birthday, you don’t need to ask every other person for ideas to throw the coolest birthday because we have got you covered!

Kids Birthday Party Themes

Our Best Tip, A Theme Will Give You A Line To Follow!

The basic ingredient for throwing a cool and fun birthday party for your child is the theme. An amazing theme is the jump off point for an amazing birthday party. It gives you a direction for everything; from invitations and décor to cake, games and your child’s outfit.

Since we are aware of the key role a theme plays in making or breaking your party, we have come up with some amazing ideas for children’s birthday parties.

Get ready to make your child’s birthday party a blast!

15 Kids Birthday Party Themes From The Kids Birthday Party Experts

Mickey / Minnie Mouse Theme

The good old Mickey and Minnie Mouse theme will always be a cool idea for little kids of 1 to 2 year olds.

Since children of this age are too young, you may not need to arrange games and activities. Focus on invitations, décor, and your child’s outfit. In addition, the themed cake, give small customized favours to all the little guests and they will be too delighted. Mickey/ Minnie mouse colouring books along with colours, watch, or a keychain or a sheet of stickers can be given to the young guests.

Sesame Street Theme

Let Sesame Street characters be all over the place, costumes, decoration, cake and favour boxes. Kids will love the bright colours.

Cowboys Theme

Create your own cowboy kid’s birthday party theme by decorating the party area and outside entrance to the party with cowboy hats, boots, hay and rope!

Kid’s can come dressed up as the most dangerous wild wild west cowboy they can be! You can get them playing awesome party games such as boot tossing by placing hoops on the ground and assigning a point of value for each.

Relay race with hobby horses or gold rush, create aluminium foil balls with small prizes inside, paint the balls a gold colour so they look like nuggets and hide them all over the place for your guests to search for gold!

Barbie/ Disney Princess Theme

Barbie is the first character that girls idealize. As they grow up and read and watch Disney princess stories, they may like different Disney characters. Ask your girl who she likes the most, Cinderella, Snow-white, Goldilocks. Frozen and Alice in the wonderland themed birthdays are also very popular among young girls.

Get your little one dressed up like a princess in a ball gown and ask the guests to follow the theme.

Finding Dory Theme

Follow the underwater theme in decoration. You can also place an aquarium with lots of fish. It will surely attract and excite the little guests. For children above 4 years, you can arrange some water games in the pool as well.

Art Party Theme

Let the kids show their creativity with a lot of colours and big canvases. This party is surely going to be very messy so make sure children change clothes before they get their hands on the paints. Make them wear PJs so they will all be free to show their imagination. You can add variety to this party by arranging different art stations, such as finger painting, poster painting, clay station etc.

Wheel Party Theme

This party needs to be arranged outdoors or in big houses with large lawns or driveways. Ask all the guests to bring their vehicles, scooters, bikes, cars, tricycles or skates. Let them show their driving skills in a race. To make it more fun, place some obstacles in their way and time the young riders.

Superman Vs Batman Theme

Give a new twist to the superhero themed party by arranging a battle between the two greatest superheroes. You can get very creative with this one. Invite guests to this huge battle by sending them secret ID cards that has their secret name, the mission and the kit to conceal their identity. Face masks, glasses and/or moustaches can be added to the kit. Divide the guests into two teams, give them a mission, and let the battle begin.

Detective/ Pirate Theme

This theme is perfect for both indoor and outdoor parties and for children of any age group above 5 or 6. Send invitations in form of treasure maps and arrange a treasure hunt activity. Guests can dress up as James Bond 007 or as pirates with an eye patch and fun costumes.

Football Theme

Football will be a favourite amongst many kids, especially boys, if the birthday falls in summer time this party theme could work especially well.

This type of themed birthday party can be done on a small budget and football cakes, gifts and decorations can easily be picked up or made.

The Party games are pretty obvious:

  • Football matches
  • Who can do the most kick ups

Each child can wear their favourite football kit and show off their skills on the field!

Move Night Theme

Movie night is ideal birthday party theme for children 8 and above. Decorate the place in a way that gives the feel of a cinema. Get the invitations printed like movie tickets, serve foods like popcorns, pizza sticks, nachos, cookies. For activity, divide the guests into two teams and make them play ‘guess the movie name’. Write children’s movies names on small pieces of paper, fold them and place them in a bowl. One by one, each member of the team comes out in front, pick a piece of paper and act out the name of the movie to his teammates. Speaking is not allowed here. The team with more right guesses will win the game.

You can also make children see their favourite movie on the big screen. This is particularly ideal if your child’s friends are sleeping over.

Star Wars Theme

Star Wars birthday party themes are one of those few that never get old and boring. No matter how old the theme gets, kids will always love it mainly because it’s packed with lots of action. Make your own lightsbers with pool noodles and duct tape, a backdrop for photographs by painting a plywood piece with black colour and decorating it with star stickers. You can get your child involved in this activity as well. Another way to make the party a huge hit is to arrange a star wars theme laser tag party. You can contact a party planner as they have all the gadgets so, you won’t have to buy anything. Also, since party planners do it on daily basis, they know how to make it amazing and entertaining for kids. Laser Lions is an experienced and reliable party planner and they are the best in star wars birthday party themes.

Scooby Doo Theme

The amazing retro Scooby Doo birthday party theme can indulge the guests in mystery solving, Scooby snacks, exciting piñata games and Scooby Doo theme related foods, cakes and invitations.

Putting together a Scooby Doo themed party will not only be fun and easy but will generate many ideas and potential games to play. Allow the children to solve mystery’s and dress up as their favourite Scooby Doo characters which will also create amazing photograph opportunities!

Frozen Theme

Frozen is largely popular with a large age group of children and features characters that both boys and girls love! Create a Frozen kid’s birthday party theme and feature party games such as:

  • Snowball Stomp – Blowing up white balloons half way, attach a string to one end and to the other tie it around the child’s leg. The last child with a balloon wins!
  • Hide large white cotton balls (Snow Balls) around the venue, collect the most to win.

Children can also enjoy movie time and enjoy watching Frozen while dressed up as the characters themselves.

Halloween Theme

If your child’s birthday happens to fall in the month of October, then a Halloween kids birthday party theme is a great idea! Costumes are easy to get hold of and your imagination can run wild with spooky party games and food!

Not only can you organise a fantastic themed birthday but keep the decorations up to celebrate Halloween too! Any leftover food can be handed out to them little rascals at your door.

The Finishing Touches, Your Themed Party Bags & What To Put In It?

Once you have your theme and everything is coming together you may be thinking what can I add to my party bag, we are very happy to tell you we have that covered too!

Take a look at out our article 20 party bag ideas for your next birthday

Need more assistance?

If all the birthday party planning is just to much and you are struggling to find the time, Lazer Lions have a team of expert kids party planners and are here to help! Give us a call on 07800 861767 to arrange a fun filled laser tag birthday party or click here to contact us now.

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