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Throwing a Surprise Party for Your Child? You Can’t Afford To Miss These 10 Key Elements!


This is one word that we all love to hear; with only a few exceptions. And no one likes surprises more than children. Be it a small gift or a huge party, kids get super excited when they are given a surprise.

Surprise parties, in particular, are not only extremely fun for children; they also give some beautiful memories for life. However, throwing perfect surprise parties can be a bit daunting for the planner because there is a lot to do. From deciding the venue, making the guest list and sending invitations to keeping the secret and finally how to reveal the surprise; a planner’s mind is engaged in too many things.

suprise birthday party advice

Things can get much more difficult when it comes to throwing a surprise party for your child because they get angry and annoyed as easily as they get happy. So, as a parent, you need to be really careful to get everything done keeping your child’s likes and dislikes in mind.

We know this is too much and you might be reconsidering your idea of throwing a surprise party for your child. Hold on!

You don’t need to worry because, we are here to help. Trust us, your child’ expressions at the time of revelation will make you feel that it was totally worth going through all the effort.

No matter how you are to throw a surprise party on your child’s birthday there are few key elements that should not be missed at any cost, so lets take a look!

10 Key Elements of a Wonderful Surprise Party

We are listing some of the key elements to make your surprise party a success. Your child’s expressions at the time of surprise will be so valuable that you would feel like facing any trouble to see that.

Take a look at the following 10 key elements, pair them up with a few white lies and you will get nothing, but success.

10 key elements for a suprise birthday party

1. A Good Theme

Keep your child’s likes and dislikes in mind while selecting the theme of his/her party. Rather than going for standard themes, try to have a theme that reflects your child’s personality. For example, a girl is not necessarily a Barbie fan or likes pink. She might love sports and maybe she likes a blue colour the most.

This will tell your child how considerate you are towards his/her choices and preferences.

2. Your Child’s Friends

Even if you want to keep the party low key, do invite your child’s friends. You can cut on some of the relatives, but do not cut on his/her friends. This will not only make sure that your child has a lot of fun, but knowing that his/her friends were somehow part of the surprise will make him more excited. And he/she will be asking everyone how did they keep a secret from him/her?

3. Cake, Of Course!

This is pretty obvious. As they say that a party without a cake is just a meeting. Everyone gathered around your child for cake cutting; clapping and singing will make him even more special. The cake cutting moment will also give you some amazing pictures.

Keep your child’s preferences in mind in selecting the cake as well. If you are bored of those old cakes, go for the fondant one.

4. Do Not Miss Capturing the Surprise Moment

This is very important. The expressions of astonishment, unbelief and pleasure, on your child’s face, will be so valuable that you surely want to cherish them for life. Ask a family member to be ready with the camera and capture the whole revelation moment.

5. Cut the Cake Exactly At the Birth Time

To make cake cutting more fun, do a countdown to your child’s birth time and cut the cake exactly at the time when he/ she was born. Your child will know how important he/she is for you that you still remember his/her birth time. He/she is going to cherish it a lot.

6. An Unexpected Gift

To make the surprise dose heavier, buy your child an unexpected gift; something that you had earlier denied or something you know he/she was secretly wishing.

7. Entertainment

This is one of the factors that are not to be missed at any cost. It’s your child’s special day and you need to make every moment special for him. Also, remember that children get bored really quickly so, you need to have something to keep them engaged and thrilled throughout the party.

Arrange different exciting games, again keeping your child’s preferences and personality in mind. For example, boys often love to have some action. How about letting all the children take up the role of their favourite action/super hero and save the planet form alien take over?

Laser Tag parties have been all the rage lately because they let young boys do what they have been secretly wishing for years. Take up arms like their favourite action hero and fight against enemies.

Lazer Lions have been enjoying huge popularity among people of UK for arranging highly entertaining and wonderful laser tag parties and a key feature is that children do not get left on their own; the staff members will always be supervising all the fun to make sure everything runs smoothly.

8. A Special outfit for Your Child

This is also very important. Since it’s a surprise party, your child won’t arrive all dressed up for the event. There are two ways to make sure your child does not feel awkward because of his/her inappropriate dressing. One, what your child is expected to be wearing at that time, make that the dress code so that everyone is dressed up like your child. Second, and the easiest one, is to arrange a special outfit for your child and let him/her change immediately after the revelation.

9. Maintain the Surprise Element

Keeping all the arrangements secret is the key to a successful suprise birthday party. You need to be very careful with this if your child is a teen as the curiosity is at its peak in this age. Don’t speak to your partner or other family members in low voices in the presence of your child. Do not let him/her feel that you are hiding something from them because they will then get highly curious to find that out and there are chances that your surprise will get spoiled. Never underestimate a child’s curiosity!

10.  But, Don’t Pretend That You Have Forgotten the Birthday

Gone are the times when this trick used to work. Children have become really clever now and they don’t easily fall prey to such things. Rather than pretending that you have forgotten his/her day, act as if you are going to keep the celebrations very low key this time. This will work better!

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